What’s the most important factor that you look for in an electric bike? Comfort? Power? Range?

Not many electric bike manufacturers can promise to give you electric bikes that can boast of being all-rounders. Either you have to sacrifice on your comfort to get something powerful, or you’ll have to sacrifice a bit of power for bike that has sufficient range for your needs. It’s not an easy choice and the limited number of electric bikes available on the market makes zeroing in on that ideal bike harder than it should be.

But what if we told you, that you didn’t have to compromise? That there was one electric bike that could deliver on everything you could want? Meet, the Gigabyke.

Gigabykes have that perfect blend of power, comfort and user-friendliness that is a dream for electric bike fans and a real life-safer for those looking for an easy, fun way to get around. Small wonder then that the Gigabykes are so poplar and well-loved! Designed to perfection, you can never have enough of a Gigabyke electric.

What makes Gigabyke so special?

As an electric bike there’s no pollution and it’s very quiet. But that’s a claim to fame that any electric bike can boast; however, apart from using one for environmental concerns, there are a plenty of other factors that make Gigabykes stand out in the competition:

Lots of power:

Let’s face it- a powerful bike is pure thrill. Naturally anyone would think that an electric bike lacks the power that their fossil fueled counterparts enjoy. However, Gigabykes are here to convince you otherwise. Powered by a 750 Watt electric motor paired to a 48 Volt battery, Gigabykes are no slouch when you give that throttle a twist. And with a range of about 35 miles on a full charge, getting around town just got a whole lot more fun.

Efficient design:

Gigabykes have been carefully designed to make them as comfortable and convenient to use as possible. Every aspect of the bike has been crafted keeping in mind the convenience and the ride it needs. The sleek minimalist design is easy on the eyes while the slim profile, makes navigating crowded roads, narrow lanes easy and the ergonomic riding position makes the time you spend on the road an absolute pleasure. Get into the Groove with a Gigabyke!

Free of legal hassles:

As they do not run on fuel, and are limited to a top speed of 20MPH, in many states, there is no need for vehicle registration, a driver’s license to operate one, or other legal and regulatory hindrances.

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