Crystal Kayak

Imagine being on wide of expanse of tranquil, blue water on a bright sunny day in a kayak- an idyllic vacation, the perfect stress-buster, an ideal way to relax. Now imagine if the kayak, was to be removed, but you were to remain, floating impossibly just above the water, with nothing obscuring your view and able to enjoy the beauty of the water not just around you, but beneath you as well!

Well, if you enjoyed that little picture we painted, then the good news is that this is no fantasy; while there’s no witchcraft at play, just a bit of hard work and engineering, Crystal Kayak has managed to create something that is just a bit magical.

Manufactured from high-quality materials, Crystal Kayak brings you a range of functional, beautiful and completely see-through Kayaks that can  make your time on the water all the more fun and fulfilling with nothing to visibly separate you from nature. With minimal structural obstructions, the kayaks by Crystal Kayak are almost invisible while on the water, thereby giving you an experience that is almost impossible to describe in words.

What make these Kayaks so special?

1- Made from top-quality materials:

The hull Kayaks that Crystal Kayak manufactures are made from 100% Virgin Lexan Resin Polycarbonate Sheets. This makes the kayaks completely see through, but very strong and sturdy. Lexan Polycarbonate sheets are flexible, yet highly resistant to stress and pressure, making them extremely hardwearing and almost unbreakable!

2- Parts and components are of marine standards:

Crystal Kayak make no compromise on this front. The components that make up the kayaks match marine standards. This means that the parts of the kayak are made up of only the highest quality materials so that regular problems of wear and tear, rusting, and other kinds of damage are non-existent.

3- Easy assembly and storage:

Crystal Kayak has made the kayaks extremely easy to assemble. The simplistic design makes assembly take a matter of minutes and minimal effort. The kayak packages come with a simple step-by-step instruction manual that is easy to understand even without a lot of previous experience working with kayaks. Add to this the light weight and flexibility of the kayaks and assembling them will be a piece of cake.

Well, what are you waiting for? If you’ve planned a vacation to a spot with beautiful lakes and ponds, here is the perfect solution to make your experiences richer. And if you haven’t planned such a vacation yet, here’s the ultimate reason to do so.

To learn more about Crystal Kayaks, get in touch with us at and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.