About Us

Few things are as memorable as cruising by the beach on a warm, sunny day on a bike. With pleasant sea-breeze dashing against you, the music of the beach playing in your ears, and the thrill of speeding exciting your senses, a bike ride by the beach is the ideal way to relax on your vacation, and stay fit at the same time.

Memories are created with people-family, friends and loved ones. We at South Beach Cycle aim at helping you make those memories more beautiful, sweet and pleasant. We do this by offering you a wide range of options to choose from to cruise around the coastal roads, either by yourself, or with your family.

Our range includes everything from hover boards, skateboards and electric go-karts to electric bicycles like Gigabykes, Big Cat ebikes and even Crystal Kayaks. Whatever you’re looking for, we will have it. Whether you’re looking to buy or just rent something for the day or over a weekend, we promise you the time of your life!

Fun and technology is our expertise

Our wide range of recreation equipment and vehicles represent the perfect merging of fun and technology. While we don’t know you’re destination, we firmly believe the journey is what’s truly important and at South Beach Cycle we do our best to make that journey as fun and entertaining as possible.

Want to customize your bikes? Get e-bike repairs? We can take care of that too!

If you want your rides to be unique, we also offer customization services so that you can get your bikes to us for customizing just as you would like them to be.

For the true enthusiast we also offer a specialist custom vehicle assembly service, with e-bikes built to order based around the Bafang 750watt drive system .

Not only do we sell and rent out electric bikes and other light electric vehicles, but we also undertake their repairs too. Entrust your electric bike repairs to experienced professionals, and you can expect the best service at competitive prices!

Young or old, we have something for all

No matter your age, we have something ideal for you on offer. Our options range from electric go karts for the little ones, hoverboards and electric skateboards, long boards and bikes for teens, or the adventuring adult.

Whether you are a seasoned traveler, a curious tourist, or a local adventure enthusiast we have just the gear for you to help you kick back and have some fun. To learn more about what we offer click here or email us at southbeachcycle@gmail.com.